All the trainers, coaches, health professionals and organisations featured in the videos are associated with and have worked with participants on the Healthy Change Challenge program.
The Movement Collective Logo
rod cooper man doing gymnastics handstand on a single arm

Rod Cooper

The Movement Collective


Rod opened TMC in early 2015 with the idea to bring some playfulness and excitement into the fitness industry. Since opening The Movement Collective Rod has taught hundreds of novocastrians the art of movement through many modalities. Always with a focus of having a high functioning and healthy body to not only promote higher performance but also longevity. Rod takes inspiration from gymnastics, calisthenics, martial arts, dance and circus arts. He has been teaching movement and mobility sessions on the Healthy Change Challenge program for more than 3 years.

aasc logo letters with writing
Toby Kable man in cap and polo

Toby Kable

All Abilities Sports Coaching

The Movement Collective Logo
Angela Cooper woman dancing

Angela Cooper

The Movement Collective

Tactix Training Logo writing with cross
Sean Oultram Smiling Man with Fists

Sean Oultram

Tactix Training

Transcend Health Logo Person stretching with green writing move beyond mediocrity
Jacci Allanson lady standing against workout equipment

Jacci Allanson

Transcend Health

CAPOEIRA ARUANDA logo shape with writing
Jesito Calango McLennan ma with Tamborine

Jesito Calango McLennan

Capoeira Aruanda

Magenta Moon written in scrawly font inside a moon outline
Jen Majenta Moon woman sitting with head resting on hand

Jen Magenta Moon


healthy change challenge logo with a runner icon on an apple
red icon of person bending

Jed Dickson

Healthy Change Challenge

yoga for all text with a wobbly circle around it
mindful lotus plant green

Tess Hines

Yoga for All

Fabiola Aguirre women sitting cross legged on grass

Fabiola Aguirre

breathe pilates physiotherapy

blue apple

Fossie Filipo