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Your frequently asked questions answered by Healthy Change Village


How much does it cost?

The Village works on a contribute what you can basis.  You can pay via credit card or paypal as a one off transaction or set up a monthly contribution which will automatically come out of your nominated bank account.  The Village website will automatically produce a tax invoice upon request.


What amount would you recommend I contribute?

All contributions are greatly appreciated and the more money raised the more capacity building support we can get to marginalised people in need.  

 As a guide, common contribution amounts are $5 per video or $30 per month.



Can I use my NDIS funding for the contribution?

The Village is NOT an NDIS registered provider.  WHY NOT? We want to keep access to the Village unrestricted to benefit all vulnerable people in all places, not just NDIS participants.

For NDIS participants you can only contribute to the Village with your NDIS funding if your NDIS plan is Plan Managed or Self Managed

  • Self-managed NDIS participants can make their own contribution to the Village and an invoice will be made available.   The participant then manually claims back the funds using the NDIS portal.  
  • Plan Managed NDIS participants  The plan manager makes the contribution to the Village on behalf of the participant and requests an invoice.  The plan manager then manually claims back the funds using the NDIS portal.
  • NDIS/Agency managed NDIS participants cannot use NDIS funding for the Village and other non NDIS providers.  If you make a contribution then this is an out of pocket expense.


Why would I contribute?

The more contributions we receive, the more capacity building health and wellbeing support we can provide to marginalised people in regional and remote areas of Australia and the world.


Want more videos or support?

You can contact the Presenters directly through the Presenter’s page on the website if you would like more customised videos.   Or contact the Village directly by calling 1800 035 141.



What if I need assistance with the Videos or accessing the website?

  • You will require access to the internet and a smartphone or computer to access the Village website.  You can only sign up online to access the videos on the Village platform.
  • If you require support to access or complete the video activities on the Village website we recommend you contact your current support worker(s), service provider, Coordinator of Supports (COS) or Local Area Coordinator (LAC).  Unfortunately, the Village and Healthy Change Challenge does not have the resources to individually support people all over Australia.


What is the Healthy Change Challenge program?

HCC is a fun, empowering, community engaging health program based in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley of NSW.   HCC is the face to face NDIS program of the Village where participants learn to deliver their own eating, shopping, mindfulness/meditation and exercise sessions independently of staff in collaborative teams.   For more information please visit the HCC website.


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You can contact the presenters directly by visiting the presenter page


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