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Everyone deserves access to quality health and wellbeing support!

Healthy Change Village ("The Village") is a capacity building hub - an online platform of support from qualified trainers and health professionals associated with the Healthy Change Challenge program. 

Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing?

Villagers can choose from a range of fun activities designed for people of all ages and intellectual and physical abilities including games, exercise, cooking and mindfulness sessions.


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What activities would YOU like to see?  

YOU can decide what new health wellbeing videos are added to the Village each week by providing YOUR feedback on the video surveys. It's all about YOUR choice and control.




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Our Purpose

To bring health and wellbeing capacity building services to everyone - including people of all abilities - who need support anywhere including rural and remote places.

This is more important than ever while we are all isolated from each other during a global health crisis.

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The Village is a social enterprise.

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