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Sara McCoid
The Brick Academy
The Brick Academy logo featuring picures of lego and the words learning skills, one brick at a time.
Picture of presenter Sara smiling in the foreground and a lego person in the background

Hi, I’m Sara, the mastermind behind The Brick Academy, where LEGO rules the roost! I’m so
LEGO-obsessed that I turned it into a full-blown business. My secret sauce? Teaching a
bunch of cool skills through the power of those colourful bricks. From teamwork to job
preparation and even sharpening social smarts, LEGO is my trusty sidekick in this epic skill-
building adventure!

On this platform we will be looking at how we can connect LEGO to mindfulness.
Together we’ll do a variety of activities which challenges us to unwind, get some inner
peace and hopefully a lot of creativity and happiness along the way.

Let’s build our way to mindfulness together, brick by brick!

Sara is a highly qualified Early Childhood Teacher with certifications in both LEGO-Based
Therapy and the LEGO Serious Method. With over 12 years of experience in educating
children of various age groups and abilities, she is deeply enthusiastic about offering
inclusive and accessible play-based activities. As a mother of two autistic boys and a spirited
girl, she understands the significance of discovering a personalised journey towards inner